Dilissen Logistics disposes at its location in Pelt of 33,000 sqm covered warehouses and 15,000 sqm open storage area.

We can offer you the following logistic services :

Stuffing & Stripping Belgium

"Stuffing and stripping"

NWe handle the loading (stuffing) of containers and draw up the necessary export documents ourselves. Your goods are ready to be shipped worldwide via the port of Antwerp.

Conversely, loads of goods from containers are also unloaded (stripped) and stocked in our warehouses. Subsequently, we can distribute your goods throughout Europe.

Approximately 5,000 containers per year are handled in our warehouses and we thus are a major player in the area of container handling in Limburg. And we have the possibility to handle with our Reach Stacker 20' , 30' , 40' and 45' containers to a weight of 45 tons.

Storage for third parties

Storage for third parties

Do you not have sufficient storage space in your company? Or are you tired of having to receive and handle 12 different suppliers in one day?

No worries! Simply have your goods delivered to our warehouse and we store them for you. We currently have 33,000 sqm covered storage facilities and 15,000 sqm open storage area.

We work with a Warehouse Management system that gives you a perfect overview of your orders, your stock and other relevant management information. After all, your production managers have access to our system. They inform us which goods they need at a certain moment and we deliver the order to you just in time.

Dilissen covered, open and safe storage

Dilissen Logistics stands for:

  • Covered and open storage
  • Safe storage : your goods are safely stored; all our warehouses are equipped with the latest burglar alarms and are monitored by a security company.

When storing, protect the environment and avoid unnecessary kilometres! If your cargo after storage has to be transported to our neighbouring countries, then be advised that Dilissen Logistics is close to both the Netherlands and Germany. By storing goods at our location, you not only reduce your CO2 emissions, but you also save costs.

Stuffing stripping and storage in Belgium


If you like to outsource your entire logistics, then "Value added logistics", logistics with added value, is something for you.

Dilissen Logistics can do the following for you:

  • (Re-)Packaging of goods,
  • labelling of goods,
  • picking of orders,
  • prepare the export documents and/or handle the custom clearance.
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