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Dilissen Logistics our transportation fleet

An established name in logistics for over 20 years

Carlo Dilissen was fascinated by transport from a young age. He founded the company Dilissen Logistics as a passionate entrepreneur in the year 1995. Today, the company has 33,000 sqm of storage facilities indoors and 15,000 sqm of storage area outdoors. Dilissen Logistics has about 80 employees and is one of the larger in the region.

Dilissen Logistics Trucks fleet

Our strategy

  • Flexibility is our greatest asset. We even manage to schedule your last-minute assignments on time.
  • We think along with the customer and want to be more than just transporter or logistics provider.
  • Our trained and motivated staff places a high value on customer friendliness.
  • Based on our experience, we are always looking whether there is room for improvement in the logistics flow, how we can work cost-saving or less harmful to the environment in order to optimize the logistics chain.
  • We limit our CO2 emissions with a fleet that is environmentally friendly and has Euro 6 engines.

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Our trained and motivated team is strongly committed to customer friendliness and perfect service. No effort is too great for us. We even quickly resolve a last-minute order for you.

Dilissen Logistics, our team is more than 100% ready for you.

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