How do we ensure true "Value added logistics"?

Dilissen Logistics wants to be more than just your transporter or logistics provider and to drive your freight from A to B or store your goods at our location. That is why we enter into a dialogue with you and ask questions about the how and why of your way of working.

Dilissen Logistics core values

  • Flexibility is our greatest asset. We even manage to schedule your last-minute assignments on time.
  • We think along with the customer and want to be more than just transporter or logistics provider.
  • Our trained and motivated staff places a high value on customer friendliness.
  • Based on our experience, we are always looking whether there is room for improvement in the logistics flow, how we can work cost-saving or less harmful to the environment in order to optimize the logistics chain.
  • We limit our CO2 emissions with a fleet that is environmentally friendly and has Euro 6 engines.

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